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Only When The Drugs Are Gone I Feel Like Dying

All the positivity in the world cant keep me from this vacuum of nothingness which sucks the necessity from my life. I could string a tonne of random fucking verbs and adjectives together to try to express what I feel but it is pointless. It never makes any sense. I can never articulate this oppressive cloud that envelops me.

Words turn from screams to whispers to random puffs of dust that spew out of my mouth. I have no way to explain the absolute void I have inside. I am terrified. I wake up in the night from dreams of hanging myself.

I spend all day with an aching neck. Is this a sign?

I cant shake the feeling of wanting to stop this incessant pain. Do I stop dreaming or so I stop living.
Audio Therapy

00. It's A Brand New Day, You Shouldn't Be Fading Away

This journal is my daily musings about everything and nothing. But I warn you, it gets intense, so read knowing that triggering or offensive content is never censored, trusting that every word contains the truth, and believing that everything you see, hear or read, can change you. Not just now, but always. Look around you, and behold, the world is amazing, but not kind.

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